Our Auto-Response Software Is Game Changing

Once we get you noticed, you'll need to ensure that you respond to every customer inquiry within five minutes, because that significantly increases your chances of a meaningful dialogue with the prospect.

According to an MIT study, responding to customer inquires within 5 minutes (versus 30), increases your chances of a meaningful conversation 100 fold.

Based on an Intelligent Contacts study, 85% of the prospect calls you miss will not call your business back, even if the call goes to voicemail.

According to a Google survey, the typical small business receives 13 calls per day, but 4 of those calls are missed or go to the company's voicemail.

If just one of those four missed calls was from an interested prospect, that's more than 300 missed sales opportunities annually for your business.

Our software ensures you don't miss these opportunities. In fact, if you receive a phone call, Google My Business message, SMS text, Facebook message, etc., we will auto-respond instantly with a customized message from your business on the same platform the prospect reached out to you on. 

For example, if you missed a phone call, your business might respond as such, "Hey, we're finishing up a call. How can we help you?" This lets the prospect know that you are engaged and virtually ensures dialogue will take place.

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